Python Errors Messages and Problem Solving

This is the third part of Mr. Rigden’s Python Course. In this video we learn the basics about Python Error messages and how to get help.

The python interpreter and interactive mode

This is the second part of Mr. Rigden’s Python Course. In this video we learn about the python interpreter and interactive mode

What is Python?

This is the fist part of Mr. Rigden’s Python Course In this video we will learn the ultra high level basics of what is Python.

Mr. Rigden's Python Course

Welcome to my Python course! This course is 100% free. It will be an ongoing project with parts both written and in video form. This course is for everyone. Anyone can learn the code. I will be covering all the basics of the Python programming language. But know that every topic can be explored deeper. This is not a reference work. The official Python documentation is wonderful and will serve you much better as a reference.

Tweepy: a Python Library for the Twitter API

Tweepy is a Python library for accessing the Twitter API. It is great for simple automation and creating twitter bots. Tweepy has many features. In this tutorial we will be covering: Get tweets from our timeline. Creating and deleting Tweets. Follow and unfollow users. Before we can do anything, we need to talk about authentication. Remember to be careful. Don’t accidentally publicly publish those credentials. Like committing then pushing to Github!

How to Host a Site on the Dark Web

In this tutorial we will be setting up a server that will host a static site on the Dark Web. We will be using Tor Hidden services for this. We will be using static files for simplicity and security. This tutorial is intended for and tested on a remote server running Ubuntu 16.04. This server should be properly secured for production use. If you need assistance setting up a server, please read my tutorial Setting Up a Basic Server with Ubuntu 16.

How to Harden OpenSSH

Keep your servers safe with a few extra steps. SSH is essential to server management. This post will walk you though some of the options available to harden OpenSSH. The instructions may work for other flavors of Linux but has been tested only on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. *Warning: Messing with how SSH works can be dangerous. You can very easily lock yourself out of the server. Be careful.* OpenSSH Server Configuration The settings file for OpenSSH on Ubuntu 16.

How to Host a Static Website with Nginx

Static site generators are a fantastic way to manage a website. Static sites are faster and safer than dynamic sites. They can be easily generated by a wide variety of static site generators. My favorite is Hugo. Nginx is an ideal web server for serving these static files. In this tutorial we will set up a server and optimize it for serving our static site. This server is going to be optimized for static sites.

Information About Jason Rigden

Mailing Address 2140 Biddie Lane Richmond, VA 23219 Cryptocurrency Bitcoin: 1Bw2GeEgAjCPiuG3GQWrsEVEfsfSvgKouw Dogecoin: DQCMVeqnBACvb8gypPqAchuvDJ2oQmru7o Litecoin: LXwjKxLPcEwtwM98XhzzveWdLpuA7xFmuE Phone 800-555-2323 Birthday December 21, 1965 Employment Janitor at Groom Lake Facility Management LLC July 8th, 1999 to December 1st, 1673 Physical Characteristics Height 5’ 1” Weight 400 lbs. Vehicle Purple 2006 Ford GT 523-GPDY Oops Litecoin: 6usRa9mWM9XcrVv28uHagodYguqrUCGWFRdXfUY5WaAJn2xzkkG This post is just a honeypot of fake information.

Setting Up a Basic Server with Ubuntu 16.04

This guide serves as the template for all my servers running Ubuntu 16.4. The default server installation needs additional configuration before being considered appropriate to use in production. Although it is popular to use automation tools nowadays, this guide does not. We will do everything by hand. This will be an artisanal server. Prerequisites This guide assumes that you this will be a remote server. This server should already have Ubuntu Server 16.