My name is Jason Rigden and this is my blog. On this site, I write programming tutorials, host a couple of podcasts, and sometimes post D&D stuff. This site is made with Hugo. Pages are served with Nginx running on Ubuntu 16.04. Linode is my VPS provider.


If you are reading this, then you want to know about me. The following are semi-random factoids about me. Hopefully, they will help you in your efforts to either make small talk with me or to stalk me. Please don't stalk me.

  • I once met Mr. T.
  • I'm an everyday Linux user.
  • I'm a Seattle Sounders FC fan.
  • I love local beer, especially IPAs.
  • I'm left leaning and strongly anti-fascist.
  • I live on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington.
  • I've been podcasting off and on since 2005.
  • I think every open source group needs a code of conduct.
  • I spent over decade selling used books, music, and movies.
  • Right now my favorite music seems to be:
    • The Black Keys
    • Run The Jewels
    • Father John Misty
    • Queens of the Stone Age
    • King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard


I am working two projects focused on cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

  • Explaining Cryptocurrency, is a short podcast where I teach folks about how the blockchain and cryptocurrency works.
  • Seattle Blockchain is a site for connection people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community in the greater Seattle area.

I've do programming tutorials on my YouTube channel called, Mr. Rigden's Channel.

I've got a bunch of open source projects on GitHub.

And Now Something Personal

Neurodiversity is personally important to me. I think the best way to help, is to honestly talk about our own issues. I have a couple of issues that are noticeable, that I should briefly talk about. They say that vulnerability is endearing, so here it goes.

If you have read any of my articles you have probably noticed spelling and grammatical errors. Sorry about that. It even comes out in my speech sometimes. I'm pretty sure I have some sort of dyslexia. Please know that I try my best to find and correct these errors. But, unfortunately they are often invisible to me. A good way to get on my bad side is to be disrespectful when making corrections. Nobody likes a grammar nazi.

I have lots of anxiety. It is often displayed as social anxiety. It often prevents me from engaging with my community as much as I would like. I try very hard be social. It's not that I don't like to socialize. I'm just sometimes not very comfortable with it. It can be very draining. Crowds of people suck the energy right out of me. I do try to be social but sometime I can be flaky and seem distant. Sorry about that.

Contact Info


Jason Rigden
PO BOX 858
Issaquah, Wa. 98027



You can contact me just to say hi, invite me to your event, or send me free stuff. Please send me free stuff. I would really like free stuff.

I write a review of every physical book I receive.

If you would like to be a guest on Talking Cryptocurrency, read the guests page.

If you need help, contact me and I'll do what I can to help. I get lots of people contacting me with technical questions. In order to facilitate our communications, I have a recommendation. Learn how to ask good questions. A nice place to start is, How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

I'll ignore you, if you seem unpleasant in anyway. Unless you have paid me money, I don't owe you anything. Also classists, sexists, fascists, racists, and homophobes can fuck right off.


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