cowsay is the Most Important Unix-like Command Ever

ASCII art is the digital age version of cave paintings

rm Command Tutorial

How to remove files and directories from the command line interface.

A Brief Tutorial of the Absolute Basics of Bash

This article is a gentle introduction to Bash for absolute novice user.

Bash History Interaction Tutorial

Learn how to interact with your Bash history

How I Built the Potion Machine Alexa Custom Skill

The Potion Machine generates an amusing polymorph potion. It is now an Alexa Skill

How I Build the Potion Machine

The Potion Machine generates an amusing polymorph potion. It gives you a description of the potion and the creature you will turn you into.

Introducing MrSmashy

A tool for smashing your static site. It makes files smaller.

Mr. Rigden's Guide to Setting Up a Basic Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server

This is is not some ultimate guide. It is just the basics. A bare bones setup. Following this guide will give you a good foundation for you webserver or other project.

How to Compile Nginx with ngx_brotli Module on Ubuntu 16.04


Brotli is a next open source data compression library. It can achieve smaller files than gzip. With ngx_brotli you can server Brotli compressed files from Nginx, just like you might with gzip. Brotli is supported by many browsers. Check Can is Use? for current details. Noteably, as of this …

How to Use Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04

And get an A+ on SSL Labs