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This is a collection of the most awesome* links about cryptocurrency on the internet. Why does the world need yet another blockchain and cyrptocurrency list? Because all the other list are currently unmaintained. Most have not been updated in four to six months. This is an eternity in such a fast moving industry. Jason Rigden manages and updates this awesome list weekly.

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Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code in C - This book is not about cryptocurrecies but it does cover many of it’s fundamental technologies.

The Internet of Money - Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains the why of Bitcoin. Good for beginners.

The Internet of Money: Volume Two - A great collection of talks from Andreas M. Antonopoulos. A great companion to the original with a variety of topics.

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain - Andreas M. Antonopoulos’ must read book about Bitcoin. Everyone interested in cryptocurrecies needs this book. It’s kind of a big deal.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers

Introduction to Cryptography by Christof Paar


Bitcoin - Ultra Spiritual Life - JP Sears is a genius and this episode is definitely awesome.


For a complete list of cryptocurrency podcasts, see this page on Jason Rigden’s Blog. Podcasters, DM me your show link and I’ll write a review of it.

Block Zero - Legendary entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and podcaster Kevin Rose interviews cryptocurrency makers and experts.

Blockchain Inside - A weekly podcast hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin Platt.

CRYPTO 101 - A podcast guide to cryptocurrency. Both topical and interview episodes. Hosted by Matthew Aaron.

Daily Crypto - A daily podcast of cryptocurrency news.

Epicenter - A weekly show interviewing the top people in the industry. Hosted by Brian Fabian Crain and Sébastien Couture.

Explaining Cryptocurrency - A shameless link to Jason Rigden’s podcast. A short format podcast that explains how cryptocurrency and the blockchain work.

ICO 101 - A podcast guide to ICOs. Usually interview episodes. Hosted by Aaron Paul.

Unchained - Laura Shin interviews with leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. She is does great interviews. Probably the best cryptocurrency podcast in production right now. Totally awesome.

Talking Cryptocurrency - Yet another absolutely shameless attempt to promote another podcast from Jason Rigden. This podcast is series of interviews with the people making the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution happen. Be guest on the show by visiting the guests page.

Real Time Stats

cryptowatch - See the price of multiple tokens on multiple exchanges.

ethstats - A very slick dashboard for monitoring Etherium.


aantonop - The YouTube channel of the hugely influential Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Videos of Q&As and conference talks.

Blockchain at Berkeley


Computerphile - Only occasionally has blockchain content. Very good though. If you are into cryptography, you’ll like this.


Crypto Tips

The Cryptoverse

Doug Polk Crypto - A no BS take on crypto. He often calls out the shills and charlatans. We need more of this guy.

Ethereum Foundation

Introduction to Cryptography by Christof Paar

Ivan on Tech

Numberphile - Not actually a cryptocurrency channel. But the content often has a relationship with cryptocurrency.

Siraj Raval - Some excellent cryptocurrency and blockchain content. They also have great videos about AI.


Despite what you may have heard elsewhere on the internet, a thing’s level of inherent awesomeness is completely subjective. This project will use the subjective perspective of Jason Rigden. He will serve as this list’s arbiter of awesome. Readers of this list may find themselves in disagreement with Mr. Rigden. This is to be expected and is a natural by-product of this process. Turn off the computer, go outside, and your symptoms should disappear in a few hours. If symptoms continue to persist, contact a mental heath care professional immediately. You may be suffering from an unrelated but serious personality disorder.

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