What is the ExplainingCryptocurrency podcast?

Do you want to know more about the blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Not sure where to start?

This project will teach you about the fundamental concepts that make these technologies work. Explainingcryptocurrency.net is a project intended to educate the general public about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. You won’t find any investing advice or trading recommendations here. Plenty of others are already doing that. What you will find here is honest and straight forward explanations of complex topics. You don’t need to be a computer science major to understand the technology behind cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency revolution is inevitable. It could happen in a decade or it could happen in a couple of generations. Who do we want dominating the financial system of the future?

This is the beginning of the biggest technological revolutions since the Internet. The blockchain and cryptocurrency will disrupt the global finance systems in ways that are unimaginable. It will touch the lives of everyone on Earth. This is an immense opportunity. An opportunity that has attracted many predators. The community is plagued by charlatans, ICO shills, and good old-fashioned Ponzi schemes. There is a desperate need for accurate and unbiased information. The goal of this project is to contribute to fulfilling that need. To help people understand how and why cryptocurrency and the blockchain work. If people are more educated about the subject, they will be slightly less vulnerable to scams. It will also make the lives of the charlatans and shills more difficult. Really, I just want to make the lives of the bad guys miserable. Education is the best way to do that in this field of cryptocurrency.

My personal goal in this project is to become known, liked, and trusted in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. I’m doing this by producing quality educational content. In order to maintain my credibility this project will not have any paid advertisements. I will be writing all the blog posts myself. I will be writing, producing, and hosting the podcast. There will be no outsourcing of content production.

I am pursuing this personal goal because I think it is the best investment that I can possibly make. Gaining a foothold in the community so early in its development will be enormously profitable in the future. Also, I am just a little bit obsessed with the topic.

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