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Welcome to the Explaining Cryptocurrency podcast. I’m Jason Rigden and I’ll be your host.

This isn’t going to be another hour long cryptocurrency podcast where I interview some boring startup founder. I’m not gonna be talking about investing or trading crypto. And I’m not gonna be pushing any alt-coin pump and dumps.

There are plenty of other people making those show.

This show is going to be about teaching you how and why cryptocurrency and the blockchain work. I’m going to introduce a different concept in every episode. We are going to be exploring things like the byzantine generals problem, zk snarks, and public key encryption.

I’m gonna to try to do this as simply as possible. I really want for this show to be understandable for the general public.

The cryptocurrency revolution is going to affect everyone. And I really want to create a resource for non-technical people. Although techy people are welcome too. Hopefully, everyone listening will learn something.

So, if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency, then this might be the show is for you.

The episodes will be short and to the point. Probably less 15 minutes each. I am going to shoot for a twice weekly show.

There’s not gonna be any advertisements on this show. And I’m not gonna ask for Patreon donations. This is a labor of love. I really believe in the power of cryptocurrency and the blockchain. And I think it is going to change everything.

I’m just looking for some small way to contribute. And educating people is the path I have chosen.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming episodes. And that they help you to understand this complex topic just a little bit better.

Thanks for listening to this podcast trailer. If this show sounds interesting then, please subscribe.

Once again, this has been the Explaining Cryptocurrency podcast and I am Jason Rigden.

I hope to talk to you again soon. Goodbye.

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