Chris Boscolo of lifeID

An open source blockchain based platform for self-sovereign identity

Brent Cameron of FighterCoin

Enabling fighters who are up and coming to receive direct funding from supporters

Ameen Soleimani of Spankchain

A a cryptocurrency powered adult entertainment ecosystem built on the Ethereum network

Alex Buelau of Coinschedule

Alex Buelau CEO and co-founder of Coinschedule. Coinschedule is the leading global portal for ICOs. They have been listing ICOs since 2016.

Eli Calderón Morin of All_ebt

All EBT is bringing blockchain technology to government benefits programs. They are bringing that EBT card into the 21 centuries.

Dakota Kaiser from EarthCycle

A cryptocurrency empowering a decentralized funding pool for positive change businesses.

The GIN Platform

The GIN Platform is offering a turn-key solution for running master nodes.

J. Mohan of CoVEX

CoVEX is building an all in one digital trading platform for cryptocurrency.

Patrik Krasnic of Konios

Konios is building a decentralized platform to exchange cash to crypto.

Say Yes to Every Interview Request.

What I would like to talk about here is why every startup founder should always say yes to every interview request. I’m going to do that by disassembling the most common reasons for declining interview requests.

Who am I looking for?

Right now I'm booking guests for the first season of Talking Cryptocurrency. It's a tough sell. This show is brand new. There are no listeners. The host is some unknown guy with no experience. That's why I am not looking to book big guests.

The Talking Cryptocurrency Manifesto

These are my intentions, motives, and views about the Talking Cryptocurrency podcast. It explains why I do the show and how I do it.

How to Host a Site on the Dark Web

In this tutorial we will be setting up a server that will host a static site on the Dark Web. We will be using Tor Hidden services for this. We will be using static files for simplicity.

Setting Up a Basic Server with Ubuntu 16.04

This guide serves as the template for all my servers running Ubuntu 16.4. The default server installation needs additional configuration before being considered appropriate to use in production. Although it is popular to use automation tools nowadays, this guide does not. We will do everything by hand. This will be an artisanal server.


This will tell you all about Jason Rigden