Jason Rigden

Talking Cryptocurrency

Jason Rigden hosts a series of interviews with the people making the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution happen.

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This podcast has been canceled

Nick Gogerty of SolarCoin
Witek Radomski of Enjin Coin
Dug Campbell of MaidSafe
Rob Smith of LBRY
Jack Jia of Wyre
Domenic Thomas CEO of worbli.io
Adam Howell of The Smoke Exchange
Josh Halferty of CryptoCurve
Matteo Leibowitz of CryptoChat
Fauve Altman of State of the ÐApps
Marcelo Garcia Casil of Maecenas
Mark Cooley of Forum Cooperative
Jo-Jo Hubbard of Electron
Chinmay Patel of BlockX Labs
Ras Vasilisin of Virtuse Exchange
Nate Whitehill of CryptoSlate
Zhuling Chen of aelf
Jordan Fried of Hedera Hashgraph
Martin Blagoev of DopeRaider
Alex Hardy of the Proof-of-Take Newsletter
Corey Caplan and Adam Knuckey of Dolomite
Stephen King of imbrex
George Borovec of Niffler.co
Gabriele Giancola of qiibee
Peter Saddington of Yen.io
Liam Kirby of Playchip
Jed Grant of Peer Mountain
Is this Coin a Scam?
Sebastian Müeller of Enzypt
Zac Prince of BlockFi
Mike van Rossum of Gekko
Pat Larsen of ZenLedger.io
Federico Ast of Kleros
Tony of NEM with Tony
Kyle Lu of Dapp.com
Ganesh Swami of Covalent
Kevin Grimm of The Daily Bit
Peter Harris of Resonate
Joshy Orndorff of RChain
Aesir of Destinato
Mark Lloyd of Dominium
Joshua Dewitt of CoinLion
Ali Ayyash of Lumeos
Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo of Proof
Matthew Finestone of Loopring
Adam Koltun of the Quantum Resistant Ledger
Douglas Dimola of GigLabs and CryptoRome
Normunds Vucans of Tixico
Raman Shalupau of CryptoJobsList.com
P.J. Leimgruber of District0x
Liina Laas of Black Insurance
Giles Gailer of Humancoin
Marta Piekarsk of Hyperledger
Chris Boscolo of lifeID
John Warmann of Tip Blockchain
Anthony Puntoriero of InstantSponsor
Brent Cameron of FighterCoin
Enhancing real estate in Africa using blockchain technology
Ameen Soleimani of Spankchain
Adam Todd of Digitex Futures
Alex Buelau of Coinschedule
Nick Alesandro of Akash
Vincent Lim CEO of Fanfare Global
Eli Calderón Morin of All_ebt
Simon Toprak of TrustedCars Flex
Navjit Dhaliwal of IAGON
David Dubrulle of CryptoSouk
Dakota Kaiser from EarthCycle
The GIN Platform
Rashid Aziz of FlareAgent
J. Mohan of CoVEX
The Talking Cryptocurrency Manifesto
Patrik Krasnic of Konios
Dan de Sa of CoinMirror
Rahul Patil of Delicia.io
The Talking Cryptocurrency Trailer