Introducing the The Cryptocurrency Podcast List

I made a new site yesterday, The Cryptocurrency Podcast List. This is a list of all the podcasts about cryptocurrency and the blockchain. It is not a curated list of my favorite shows. This is a list of every active crypto podcast. I made this site because the iTune “search” function is absolutely awful. It’s kind of like using AltaVista in the 1990’s. Calling it useless is being too nice. Finding niche content has become almost impossible because of keyword stuffing. So, I made this list.

This is lives on GitHub and is is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please check it out and send me any shows that I have
Contributions, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. You can also DM me on Twitter: @mr_rigden

Corrections and suggestions for this page can be made on Github.