Posted by Jason Rigden on October 23, 2017


A blockchain tech video aggregator. Videos links are categorized by event, speaker, and tagged for subjects covered.

An open source webapp that checks the most popular social networks and top level domains for the availability of your startup name.


Ipsut is a simple webapp for setting up/tracking user check-ins using QR codes. It is written in Python using the Flask framework. A finalist for the “AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Seattle”

Potion Machine Alexa Skill

An Amazon Alexa Skill called Potion Machine that generates an amusing polymorph potion. It gives you a description of the potion and the creature you will turn you into.


A tools intended for static sites. It makes files smaller.


astringent is a theme for the Pelican static site generator. Native AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages support. Tiny fast and minimalist.


pyPodcastParser is a podcast parser. It should parse any RSS file, but it specializes in parsing podcast rss feeds. pyPodcastParser is agnostic about the method you use to get a podcast RSS feed.


A Python library that measures the loudness of an audio file.

A webapp that tells you where not to eat based on health code violations

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