Say Yes to Every Interview Request.

I’m a podcaster. Every day I send out emails requesting interviews. I get rejected all the time. That is to be expected. I know it is a numbers game. Send out 100 emails and I’ll get maybe 1 guest. As I get more episodes my average is improving. So, I’ve got that goin for me.

What I would like to talk about here is why every startup founder should always say yes to every interview request. I’m going to do that by disassembling the most common reasons for declining interview requests.

Your show is not popular enough.

This one is very reasonable. An interview takes time. Time is valuable. Doing an interview with a small podcast may not seem to be a good investment of time. But, it will give you practice. Being interviewed and talking about your business is a skill. No marketing guru or media coach can develop this skill for you. Skills only get developed when they are practiced. You should be saying yes to every interview request to develop that skill. Get good at it. Work on being engaging, charming, and confident. Make sure you are knowledgeable. That way you will be ready for that future Bloomberg interview.

I don’t have the bandwidth.

If you are too busy for an interview, you are probably too busy. You need to learn to delegate. Either delegate the interview to someone or delegate something else to make room for the interview. Learn to delegate responsibilities to those you trust. If you don’t you’ll forever be limited.

I don’t trust you.

Some interviews are going to be harder than others. If you only do the easy ones, you’ll stay weak. People will notice. Getting good at being interviewed means getting good at bad interviews. Maybe the interviewer is asking unfair questions or generally acting hostile. You need to know how to deal with this. Like I said earlier, being interviewed is a skill.

I can’t talk about my startup for more than 5 minutes.

This one is surprisingly common. If you don’t care about your business, why should anyone else? Figure out why you are doing what you are doing. Write it down. Talk about it with friends. Figure it out. But, do it quick. If you can’t talk about your business for more than 5 minute, there is a good chance your business idea is lame. You should stop working on it immediately and move on. Fail quick.

It is not my job to do interviews.

As a founder, everything is your job. Either hire someone to take care of marketing or do it yourself.

Now you don’t have to take my advice. Just remember that you are not special. There is someone else out there. They are doing the same thing as you. The difference is, who is more hungry? Who has more hustle? And who made more excuses?

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