Every single person running for political office should have a podcast for their campaign. There is absolutely no question in my mind about this. Political campaigns are always super slow and honestly lazy at adopting new technology. Just look at how slow and inept they have been with social media. Or how so many politicians ignored blogging in the early 2000’s. They always do the same thing. None of them care. Seriously this has been happening forever. Just look at the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debate. Nixon did not realize the power of TV. Kennedy did and Kennedy won.

So, this presents an opportunity for political candidates. You know historically your peers ignore technological advancements in media. You also know that candidates that embrace these innovations win elections. So, the choice is easy. Embrace these technologies.

You’ve seen candidates doing this with Twitter right now. The folks that use it are relevant and the folks that don’t aren’t.

The trouble is, you can’t just do what worked yesterday. You can’t just copy what AOC and Trump are doing on Instagram or Twitter. This is tech. This is mass media technology. It moves super fast. You have to be looking ahead. Trying to figure out what is next. And what’s next is podcasting. As we see people get more and more disillusioned from social media, we will see them looking for alternatives. A major alternative for social media is podcasting.

Podcasting will never replace social media as an activity. But I think it will take over as a major source of mass media communications. And that is what a political campaign needs to be looking for.

A political campaign podcast is a low-cost low friction communications channel. Just compare podcasting to video. To do video right you need to think about hair, makeup, wardrobe, lighting, sound, cameras, and video editing. Sure you can do this stuff on the cheap and your video will look like garbage. Or you can do a podcast that will only require sound and audio editing. It is much cheaper and you can sound as good as anyone on the radio. But more importantly, a politician can build a relationship with podcast listeners. Podcasts are a strangely intimate experience. It is not like anything else really. If you are not a podcast listener, you won’t understand. You put those earbuds in and start listening. You’re working out, driving to work, walking the dog, or cooking. While doing all these activities, you have these voices in your head. They are your companions. You build a relationship with these hosts. You feel like you know them. You trust them and you care about them. I’m not a political science expert but I’m pretty sure being known, liked, and trusted by voters is a good thing. All it takes is time, a little money, and a willingness to be authentic. In return your campaign can talk directly to voters in a way that would have been unimaginable in the past. Yeah, so I definitely think every political candidate should have a podcast.