Who am I looking for?

Right now I’m booking guests for the first season of Talking Cryptocurrency. It’s a tough sell. This show is brand new. There are no listeners. The host is some unknown guy with no experience. That’s why I am not looking to book big guests.

It would be silly to email Vitalik Buterin and ask him to come do an interview. I would be wasting my mine. He is too busy and too prominent. The same would go for Marc Andreesen, Nick Szabo, or Andreas Antonopoulos. I can’t bring these guys any value. These are already well established personalities in the cryptocurrency space. So, I don’t bother them with inquiries.

How do will I make a good interview show, if I can’t get big guests?

I’m going to interview the nobodies. Everybody is nobody till they become somebody. I’m looking for the scrappy underdogs. Folks that are willing to hustle and do anything to get attention. These are interesting people. These people are hungry. There is no feigned passion or tired perspectives. The kind of person that says, yes. Risk takers that will do anything to win. Including doing an interview with a podcast that no one has heard of. That person is going to be an interesting interview. The kind of guest I want to talk too and it’s the kind of guest my listeners will want to hear.

On that note, I am always available to do any podcast. If you think I would be a good guest, send me an email: jasonrigden@jasonrigden.com I will be on any show that will have me. Because, I am hungry.

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