Jason Rigden

S1E2 - What makes you think you are such a podcasting expert?

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Hello. I’m Jason Rigden and you are listening to the Podcasting Questions Podcast. This is the show that answers your podcasting questions in under 5 minutes per episode.

Hank from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,

Hey, what makes you think you are such a podcasting expert?

Thanks for the question Hank. I usually expect Canadians to be nicer but maybe folks from Saskatoon are different. Anyhow, my biggest qualification for being a podcasting expert is the fact that I host a podcasting Q&A show. I’ve done, including this one, 2 episodes of that show and I’ve literally answered a couple of questions. So, as you can see, I’m no podcasting expert. I’m just some random guy in Seattle trying to answer fake questions from fake listeners. Someday, I hope to start answering real questions from real listeners but right now that is just a dream.

And isn’t that what podcasting is all about. Podcasting doesn’t have gate keepers. You don’t need a degree or to be the world most renowned expert in your topic. You just need to be willing to do it. And if you're lucky, maybe people will listen. And if you are really really lucky they might even like it.

Thanks for the question Hank and I hope you enjoy that Canadian winter.

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