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S1E6 - How can I get more podcast listeners?

The Podcasting Questions Podcast

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Bob for Walla Walla Washington asks:

How can I get more listeners?

Well first of all, is this the same Bob that asked the very first question on this show? That guy was a made-up listener. He doesn't exist. How is he asking another question? I guess coming up with another fake name and place was too much work when I was writing this.

Okay Bob you want to know how to get more listeners. Well that is a very common question. In fact, I would probably say that this is the most common podcasting question. So, how do you get more listeners? What is the secret to becoming super popular?

I don’t know. If I knew I would be doing a more profitable show. I’d be selling internet mattresses and brain pills. I mean people like podcasts about podcasts but seriously there are only so many people that will listen to a show like this. If I knew how to “get more listeners”, I would be doing one of those celebrity interview shows. I’d get to meet cool famous people and I’d make the sweet sweet money.

Anyhow, this is a super popular question and there is no silver bullet. You can do lots and lots of things to help you get more listeners. And the biggest and most important thing you can do is, make a better show. Every podcast has room to grow and get better. Are you doing enough to make your show better? Are you asking the hard questions about what is working on the show and what is not? Are you talking to listeners? Do you know what they want and like? And do you know what they don’t like?

The best way to get more listeners is to make a better show. To make a better show you need to look at what you are doing right now with a critical eye. Try to make each show better than the last. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Maybe getting drunk and arguing about Mandalorians for two hours doesn’t actually make for a good episode. Maybe next episode don’t get drunk and edit the show down to like 30 minutes. Try crazy ideas like that.

So, Bob once again I hope that I answered your question. And I hope my comment about the Mandalorian episode didn’t hit too close to home. But seriously Bob nobody wants to listen to your show. Seriously. For the rest of you go experiment. Sit down and brainstorm. Write down a whole bunch of ideas and then try a few of them out. Good luck and never stop trying to make your podcast better.

Thank you for listening to the show. If you have a question about podcasting just go to podcastingquestions.com, fill out the little form, and I’ll try to answer it. Once again, I’ve been Jason Rigden and you’ve been listening to the Podcasting Questions Podcast