Talk To The Left - Log Entry #1

This week I launched my first episode of my new podcast, Talk To The Left. This first episode was with Collin Jergens of Fuse Washington. I’m very hopeful for this show.

Gary Vaynerchuk recommends documenting your journey. I have a love/hate attitude towards Gary. He is way too braggadocio for my taste. But he does have millions of followers so maybe he knows something about marketing. I follow his advice when it seems good. I feel like the document your journey advice is good. I’ll be doing weekly updates regarding Talk To The Left every Friday morning. This is the first such update, issue #1. This is the one that will be collectible someday.

Like I said above, I recorded and published my first episode of Talk To The Left. I had four interviews for the show scheduled for this week. Collin was the only one that showed up. Yep, three no shows. The no shows happened on Monday. I emailed each about possibly rescheduling. It is now Friday and none of them have responded. The midterm election is next week so maybe folks are busy.

Collin Jergens was a great guest. It takes guts to come on a brand-new political podcast. I don’t have any references or even past episodes of the show. Yet, Collin still came on. The interview went pretty well. First episodes are always tough. Even when you are an experienced podcaster. My end had too much mic noise and I am still working through some of the question structure. The episode was shorter than I wanted. Still, episode one is done.

I sent a bunch of emails requesting interviews. With the election happening next week, it is not the best time to contact political folks. Everyone is really busy. I still tried though. I sent emails to left leaning publishers. I introduced myself and offered to do interviews with authors. I figure that they want to promote their books and I want interviews. Seems like a good deal. We will see. I also sent emails to some King County Council and Seattle City Council members requesting interviews. After I sent several, I realized that I made a couple spelling mistakes. That was very frustrating and discouraging. It probably made me look very unprofessional.

I have a very hard time writing. I just don’t see the errors. I’ll read over stuff multiple times and still there will be mistakes. I’ve been like this since I was a kid. I doubt I’ll change now. I have found some tricks though. I write things once and then copy & paste. That way I only have to correct one copy. So, my interview requests are written kind of generically for my target. I then put it through a text to speech program. I can hear errors better than I can see them. I then proof read it again. So, it is not like I did not try. My brain is just not good at this.

I figured that I should reach out to local politicians now. They will not say yes to the first request. It might take several requests over a few months or even a year. So, why not get that first “no” out of the way now.

Well, that is it for this update. I’ve got five interviews for the show scheduled for next week. Also check out the new website and tell me what you think.

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