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On this episode we are talking to Dan de Sa co-founder of CoinMirror. They are making syndicated ICO investing easy.

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I gotta say that I am really excited about CoinMirror. They really get it. These folks are giving us a glimpse at the future of ICO investing. I’m absolutely not getting paid to say this. This is from my heart. After you listen to the interview go to their website and check them out. These guys are the future. They are pioneering the way most ICO investing is going to be done someday.

Thank you Dan for coming on the show. Thanks for introducing us to CoinMirror. I think it is a great idea. The ICO dream is still alive and it is evolving. It think we will hear big things from Codemirror in the future. If you want to check them out and you should, the links are in the show notes.

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