The GIN Platform

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Hello, my friends and welcome to The Talking Cryptocurrency Podcast. I’m your host Jason Rigden. On this episode we are talking to the folks from the GIN Platform. They are offering a turn-key solution for running master nodes. We cover it briefly in this interview but if you want to know more about master nodes, check the show notes. I’ll have some links that explain the concept in detail. Just know that running master nodes can be crazy hard but the GIN Platform is making super easy. We’ll jump into the interview after this quick message.

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Well, thanks for listening to my interview with the folks from the GIN Platform. And thanks to the GIN Platform for being on the show. I hope you found in informative. They really are making running master nodes incredibly easy. I dont think there is anybody else out there doing this kind of thing. It’s a turn key solution for something that is very complicated to do on your own. So, go check them out, all the links are in the show notes. You’ve been listening to The Talking Cryptocurrency Podcast. My name is Jason Rigden and I have been you’re host. Thanks again for listening and I look forward to talking to you again soon. Have a great day.

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