David Dubrulle of CryptoSouk

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Hello, my friends and welcome to the Talking Cryptocurrency. I’m your host Jason Rigden. On this episode of the podcast, I’m talking to David Dubrulle Co-founder and CEO of CryptoSouk. They are building a cryptocurrency exchange for the middle east. I love local solutions to local problems. And these folks are going to really open up the region to crypto trading in a way that no one has seen yet. If you want more information about the company or its upcoming presale, the links are in the show notes.

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Thanks, David for coming on the show. CryptoSouk is fixing the unmet need for a centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the Arabic language for the middle east. I’m sure there is a ton of pent up demand for this. I wish you a lot of luck. Sounds like you have a solid plan and the skills to make it happen. Links to the site and their upcoming pre sale are in the show notes.

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