Simon Toprak of TrustedCars Flex

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Hello, my friends and welcome to the Talking Cryptocurrency. I’m your host Jason Rigden. On this episode, I’m talking to Simon Toprak founder and CEO of TrustedCars. They are trying to changing car ownership forever with TrustedCars Flex. They have an upcoming ICO. The links are in the show notes. But first, I’ve got a quick message.

So, I wrote this medium post called, “Say yes to every interview request” It disassembles the most common reasons for declining interview requests. Anyhow, I was asked if this applies to me. They wanted to know if I say yes to every interview request. And the answer is yes. If you have a podcast and you want me to be your guest, I’ll do it. I’ll be on any show on any subject. If you think I’d be a good guest, all you have to do is ask. Just email and we will set it up.

Thanks, Simon for coming on the show. I really like the idea of having an alternative to leasing or renting cars. It’s a cool hybrid between the two. I could see this type of thing really talking off. If you want know more about TrustedCars or their upcoming ICO, all the links are in the show notes.

You’ve been listening to the Talking Cryptocurrency Podcast. My name is Jason Rigden and I’ve been your host. Thanks for listen to the show. I look forward to talking to you again soon. Have a great day.

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