Eli Calderón Morin of All_ebt

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Hello, my friends and welcome to the Talking Cryptocurrency podcast. I’m your host Jason Rigden. On this episode of the show, we are talking to Eli Calderón Morin of All_ebt.

All_ebt is bringing blockchain technology to government benefits programs. They are bringing that EBT card into the 21 centuries. This could help the government save money and help folks get healthier food.

This is a great interview. Eli is using this revolutionary technology to make the live of real people better. It is very admirable and I proud to have him on the show. But, before we get to the interview, I have a quick message.

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Thanks, Eli for coming on the show. All_ebt is a refreshing project. It’s a solution that’s solving real problems. It has to potential to improve so many lives. If you want more information about the project, I’ve got the links in the show notes. You can check out their Facebook page too and find info about their popup store in LA.

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All_ebt: http://www.allebt.com
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The Pop-Up Store: All_Market 3441 City Terrace Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90063 (626) 817-3440 https://goo.gl/maps/dPTi8VsP5Vz

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